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A Migration Across the Sea!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Written by Steph Cole

In late August fifty SARA members from across the state migrated to the beautiful Flinders Chase National Park where Kangaroo Island region hosted the 6th SARA Annual Migration conference.

The event had a packed two days of activities including a range of working bees to apply all those extra pairs of hands to some important jobs, such as bridal creeper control, wire and junk removal, verge works along tracks, and installing animal sculptures at the visitor centre. SARA members pulled their heads together too to participate in a workshop discussing learning and development needs and opportunities.

Interesting and informative presentations were given by some of the islands expert staff such as a talk on 100 years of Flinders Chase by Senior Ranger Mike Penhall, Feral Eradication programs by KI Project Officer Brenton Florence, New NPWS Projects by DEW Central Business Planning and Reporting Manager Angus Mitchell, KI Wilderness Trail by Project Manager Alison Buck, and a talk on KI Dunnart Research by NGO Land For Wildlife Ecologists Heidi Groffen and Pat Hodgens.

The migration attendees were glad to have the opportunity to listen and ask questions of NPWS Executive Director Mike Williams and Director, Regional Operations Stuart Paul and hear a regional wrap-up talk from KI Manager, Parks and Wildlife Mike Grieg.

Valuable networking was achieved over a beautiful field trip hike along the Wilderness Trail, cups of coffee in the new SARA Keep Cup’s, a delicious meal at the Directors dinner, and while enjoying the SARA fundraising auction. A big thankyou to all those who helped make the event a great success and we hope to see you next year…in a region soon to be announced!

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