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We're Slightly Bias but...Rangers take the best photos!

SARA’s Annual Migration is always a highlight of the calendar year, catching up with everyone, meeting new people and just having a fantastic time in an amazing part of our State. One of the most exciting drawcards for everyone the past few years has been the opportunity to admire and judge all of the photos which have been submitted in SARA's Annual Photo Competition.

President Tammy Leggett says, 'I may be slightly bias, but...I have always known that environmental staff are incredibly talented people and we get to work in the best locations within our State, which becomes very evident in the amazing range of images which are submitted for our photo competition each year! Photos entered in the competition capture an event, a point in time which many people never get to see. The SARA photo competition exhibition at the migration is our opportunity to showcase what rangers do in their roles, including the unique landscapes, extreme events, important fauna & flora from across our amazing State'.

Once again there was slight panic from our organisers, but excellence is always last minute, and we were overwhelmed by the 150 photos submitted for our little competition. The migration participants acted as judges and voted for their favourite 2 images from each category, from which a runner up and winner was chosen. What makes it even more exciting is you have no idea who’s photo you are voting for until the winners are announced. This year our congratulations go to Ben Woods for taking out the Overall Winner position and winning two nights accommodation in Cleland Cottage, Cleland National Park.

Our small competition will produce a beautiful annual calendar where funds raised support rangers locally and around the Globe, raising much needed awareness and funds for the Thin Green Line Foundation. Please get in quick to pre-order and purchase your 2024 calendar.

Congratulations to all winners and runner ups and a Massive Shout Out and Thanks to everyone who submitted their photos. Thanks to the publicity team & helpers who pulled it all together.

Start capturing those amazing moments ready for next years competition and enjoy the winning photos below!


Littra House Star Trail, Chowilla Game Reserve, Photo By Ben Woods


Runner Up Posing Pardalote, Flinders Chase National Park, Photo By Niamh Douglas

Winner Out Fishing, Lake Littra, Chowilla Game Reserve, Photo By Ben Woods


Runner Up Sturt Desert Pea North of Coober Pedy, Photo By Cath Bell

Winner Ready for Dinner Para Wirra Conservation Park, Photo By Tammy Leggett


Runner Up Last Hour, Peebinga Conservation Park, Photo By Jared Pippos

Winner Coming in hot! Bucks Lake Game Reserve, Photo By Emma Blythman


Runner Up Shearers Quarters at Sunset, Nilpena Ediacara National Park, Photo By Ann Marie Lush

Winner Littra House Star Trail, Chowilla Game Reserve, Photo By Ben Woods


Runner Up Struck Gold! Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park, Photo By Emma Blythman

Winner Australian sea lion puppy pool, Seal Bay Conservation Park, Photo By Verity Gibbs


Runner Up Dunes, Maralinga Tjarutja Lands, Photo By Scott Jennings

Winner Remarkable Aurora, Remarkable Rocks, Flinders Chase National Park, Photo By Sam Correll


Runner Up Leopard Seal, South Port Encounter Marine Park, Photo By Angus Droogan-Turniski

Winner Ghost Fungus, Rocky River, Flinders Chase National Park, Photo By Sam Correll

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