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Annual Migration heads North

With anticipation and excitement, cars loaded with tents, food and a couple of drinks, Rangers headed North for SARA's 10th Annual Migration. After quite a few hours in the car we arrived at our destination - Oraparinna Shearer's Quarters, within Ikara - Flinders Ranges National Park.

This year 70 rangers from around the state came together for the 3 day conference, which included guest speakers, tours and our annual auction which raised just over $4000, some of this money will support the Walking the Thin Green Line Project and the remaining money to local projects.

Rangers from SA Water, Forestry SA and Nantawarrina Rangers from Nepabunna- Nantawarrina joined NPWS rangers to celebrate SARA's 10th Annual Migration, 50years of National Parks & Wildlife Service, 30 years of Bounceback and Regional Operations Director, Stuart Paul's birthday.

Ranger Arthur Coulthard welcomed the group to Adnyamathanha Country with song on the first night and then some games lead by Tim and Taylor.

The following morning everyone spilt up to undertake a range of working bees, which assisted local staff with a variety of jobs, including fencing repairs, campground works and baiting.

A great range of guest speakers spoke about different programs and achievements within the district, these included 30 years of Bounceback, World Heritage nomination, Great Artesian Basin & Mound Springs, along with Forestry SA & SA Water giving staff an overview of their projects.

Highlight of the trip was the visit to the new park Nilpena Ediacara National Park, where the group learned about the earliest life forms and experienced the work being undertaken by palaeontologist to unearth these fossils in the ancient sea floor. This was followed by a trip back through Brachina Gorge, where we learnt the scientific method of making fossils appear in the bedrock - water and also saw Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies and some of us even saw an Emu dad with his chicks.

It's a great opportunity to get together and see what is happening within other regions across the state, catch up with staff and meet new people, the 2023 Annual Migration will be announced early 2023.

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