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Not just for 'Rangers'

SARA membership is available to anyone employed in conservation work, regardless of their role and title.  The word 'Ranger' links us to a worldwide network of professional people working in similar roles to us. SARA's current membership is diverse with fire management officers, administration staff, graduate rangers, district managers, district officers and of course more traditional 'rangers'.


We also offer membership to conservation workers outside of DEW, and 'other' membership to volunteers and students who support the conservation ethic of SARA at a reduced rate, though other membership doesn't have the voting rights at the 'AGM'.


Membership is currently set at $32.50 / year with a preferred option of having DEW payroll deduct your membership at $1.25 / fortnight.


New members and members not on DEW's payroll need to complete this form:

Renewing members moving to the preferred option of direct deductions only need to complete this simple direct deduction form and return to Use the same form to cancel your membership.

Get Involved
How you can help SARA

Most of the funds we raise supports the Thin Green Line Foundation to support rangers through training, networking and capacity building, and the families of fallen rangers. Over the past few years, SARA has raised over $80,000 to TGL through World Ranger Day events, WOMAD, raffles, fundraisers, a proportion of our membership fees and various other campaigns like Tony Magor’s green hair and Girls go Green for Rangers.


This is a significant amount given our relatively small membership numbers when compared to some other Ranger Associations and what a better thing to do than support Rangers globally facing direct threats on the front line of conservation. You can help SARA continue this amazing work by donating, sponsoring specific projects and events or supporting us with your time or expertise. Read below for the many opportunities to contribute.

Our Supporters



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Become a supporter or volunteer

SARA is lucky to have amazing support from a range of companies and individuals without whom we could not achieve all that we do. Our supporters help us with media design, web page development, discount printing, event MC and auction presenting, all the way to reduced accommodation and conference centre costs. We are always looking for new supporters and volunteers who are keen to lend a hand or offer their expertise. Please get in touch by emailing us at if you would like to support us or volunteer. 

Examples of how you can help

  • media design - merchandise and comms documents

  • social media - Facebook & Instagram posting for those social butterflies

  • web page management 

  • event volunteering

    • World Ranger Day annually 31st July - multiple events

    • Annual Migration 

  • fundraising ideas and coordination 

  • event hosting - for Annual Migrations & other SARA hosted events

  • transport and accommodation services for SARA hosted events

Our Supporters
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