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World Ranger Day
31st July

World Ranger Day is celebrated worldwide on July 31st to commemorate Rangers killed or injured in the line of duty, where it is estimated that over 1000 Rangers have been killed over the past 10 years, with a large number due to commercial poachers and armed militia groups. Whilst we honour the Rangers who have lost their lives, it is also an opportunity to celebrate the work Rangers do in protecting the planet’s natural treasures and cultural heritage.

On the 31st July we ask you to pause for a moment to reflect on the courage and sacrifice that Rangers make: by honouring Fallen Rangers and standing with Rangers who bravely undertake their role on the frontline. World Ranger Day is an International Ranger Federation initiative promoted together with its official charity arm, The Thin Green Foundation.

Hold an event at your workplace and send through images and efforts to the 


Hold a morning tea at your office - make it green, have a race or a competition of some kind.  This is all about raising the profile and some cash for a great cause. Get involved!




Annual Migration

The Committee, Regional Representatives and Members of the South Australian Ranger Association migrate once a year to a spectacular location within our State.  Migration is a wonderful time to connect with our colleagues from across the state and learn from each other, whilst getting to see the important work of the Rangers from within the Region.  It's a great balance of heading outdoors, guest speakers and evening entertainment. 

For more information on the 2021 Annual Migration please contact your regional rep.


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Council of Oceania Ranger Associations - Conference

The Council of Oceania Ranger Associations (CORA) comprises of ranger associations representatives from across the Oceania Region which are directly affiliated with the IRF. CORA is a professional body that represents and supports Rangers and other professional officers involved in the conservation and management of our natural and cultural resources. CORA represents not just only rangers, but all people that work within and supportive roles of staff of government and private conservation organisations.


Over the last 9 years representatives of SARA have nominated to attend the CORA conference, which is a great opportunity for staff to meet with rangers from throughout the Oceania Region.  Similar to SARA's Annual Migration it allows the host to showcase their conservation efforts and works within the region.

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World Ranger Congress

The International Ranger Federation (IRF) raises awareness of and supports park rangers worldwide in conserving our natural and cultural heritage. Every three years, the IRF brings together rangers from around the globe to renew their commitment to preserving and protecting the world’s natural and cultural resources.

These international gatherings provide rangers and protected area professionals the opportunity to learn new skills, share knowledge, create lasting partnerships, and be inspired by their colleagues. Delegates also learn how to increase public awareness about how these special places contribute to a healthy society and sustainable economies.

Check the official website for more details. For additional information about the International Ranger Federation visit their website here.

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