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About Us
What is SARA?

The South Australian Ranger Association (SARA) is an incorporated, non-profit, nonindustrial, apolitical association for environmental professionals in South Australia. We are all about Environment, People, Together!


SARA is governed by a constitution that sets out who we are, who we represent, and what we set out to achieve. Our aim is to support rangers and their families locally, nationally and internationally. We aim to assist in the advancement of sustainable management practices of natural and cultural resources. We undertake activities to promote and enhance protected area management through education, training and knowledge sharing opportunities for environmental professionals in South Australia.

Do I need to be in a position titled ‘Ranger’ to join?

No you don’t need to be in a position titled ‘Ranger’ to join. We consider a Ranger to be any employee of an organisation who is engaged in the protection, preservation, interpretation and/or administration of a natural, or cultural asset. Our current membership includes Landscape Officers, Field Officers, Fire Crew, Project Officers, Marine Parks Officers, District Managers, Volunteer Support Staff, Information Officers and more.


SARA also offers ‘associate’ membership for non-rangers who also support the objectives of SARA or are employed in similar fields and may include volunteers, friends groups, students, etc. 

What’s in it for me?

Member benefits include:

  • Access to
    SARA’s Facebook group

  • Newsletters from
    SARA and the IRF

  • Access to exclusive merchandise

  • Access to an international network of protected area professionals

  • Opportunities to participate in a range of social and volunteering activities, both locally and globally

  • Support for staff exchange programs

  • Admission and possible funding eligibility to attend the Council of Oceania Ranger Association (CORA), International Ranger Federation Congress and other events across Australia.

SARA’s Committee

Committee members, including regional representatives, are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and hold office for the period of two years. Vacant positions are open for election at each AGM. If you would like to contact the committee, please email 

How do I join?

Full membership by payment of our annual subscription is open to those considered a Ranger by the SARA definition.


Membership is paid based on the financial year so subscriptions are due each July. 


Other membership is available for retired Rangers, affiliated associations and other associates who support our objectives.


We also encourage interested members of the public to join us as other members. Just complete the registration form and join us in Environment, People, Together​!


SARA is affiliated with the Council of Oceania Ranger Associations and the International Ranger Federation who share common goals and connect like-minded groups around Australia and throughout the world.


Joining SARA also supports The Thin Green Line Foundation (TGL), with 10% of membership gifted to the TGL to help protect nature’s protectors worldwide.


The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) highly supports DEW staff involvement in SARA membership and activities as detailed in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the Chief Executive and Group Executive Director.

SARA Office Bearers Correct from AGM 2023

Tammy Leggett

Vice President 
Donna Ferschl

Brett Coghlan

Jen Pitman

Publicity Officer 
Courtney Heinjus

Regional Representatives Updated 2023
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